Purpose built atomisers, designed to spread an ultra-fine mist across large open areas. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments with application rates adjusted to suit your specific requirements.

For larger amounts of solution application, 3-nozzle systems are available

To be used in conjunction with (or an alternative of your own choice):

SQUAD BCI 570 Sterilisation Disinfectant: An industrial disinfectant that will destroy surface bacteria’s and harmful micro-organisms

Touch-point cleaning includes:

○ Surfaces
○ Equipment
○ Floors
○ Desktops
○ Work surfaces
○ Door handles
○ Light Switches
○ Keyboards
○ Telephones
○ Furniture & Chairs
○ Sinks & Kitchens
○ Toilets

We can also offer a full fogging service which can be carried out alongside touch-point cleaning. Fogging ensures those parts of your office are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Killing all but 0.0001% of bacteria leaving your premises as infection free as possible.

Proven effectiveness at rapid and uniform liquid dispersion
Use for a faster, safer and more effective cleaning and disinfection regime to mitigate the risk of disease transmission
Self-contained unit with onboard power and water supply, avoiding the need for power cable and water pipeline distribution round your site, and the associated safety and damages risk
Proven to effectively disperse liquid without creating hazardous heavy wetting due to the finely atomised high-pressure spray
Mobile unit which is easily deployable to respond quickly to issues as they arise