Roller Hire

At FGS Plant we have a range of Ride-on rollers including 800 to 1350 models, we also have remote controlled Rammax trench rollers from 600 to 820mm wide.

Bomag BW80 Roller

Operating Weight 1,550kg
Basic Weight 1,900
Gradeability (% – Vibration on) 30%
Gradeability (% – Vibration off) 40%
Fuel Tank 30L
Water Tank 100L
Total Width 1,483mm
Total Length 2,194mm
Total Height 2,304mm

Bomag BW120 Roller

Operating Weight 2,400kg
Basic Weight
Gradeability (% – Vibration on) 30%
Gradeability (% – Vibration off) 40%
Fuel Tank 40L
Water Tank 220L
Total Width 1,725mm
Total Length 2,475mm
Total Height 2,475mm

Bomag BW135 Ride on Roller

Operating Weight 4,000kg
Basic Weight 4,200kg
Gradeability (% – Vibration on)  30%
Gradeability (% – Vibration off)  40%
Fuel Tank 55L
Water Tank 310L
Total Width 1,300mm
Total Length 2,840mm
Total Height 2,700mm

Bomag BMP8500 Trench Roller (With Economiser)

The BMP 8500 is a multi-purpose compactor which achieves exceptionally good compaction results. This model also has an ecomoniser, which lets the operator know when maximum compaction has been achieved.

Operating Weight 1595kg
Fuel Tank 24L
Total Width 850mm
Total Length 1897mm
Total Height 1275mm

Rammax Trench Roller RW 1504

The RW1504 is the most powerful walk-behind trench roller of the RAMMAX range. As a result of the various options the trench roller offers, the customer is in a position to receive the trench roller which has been individually composed to meet their needs. This machine can be optionally delivered with manual steering or with different kinds of remote controls.

Operating Weight 1,440kg
Fuel Tank 22L
Total Width 630mm
Total Length 1,775mm
Total Height 500mm