Tower Light Hire for Sussex – Delivered to Sussex

TL-90 Mobile Tower Lighting

We have a large fleet of Tower Lights available to hire, each of them to National Rail Specifications. All of our Tower lights have a 9 metre vertical hydraulic mast with 360 degree rotation. We now have two versions available TL-90’s with 4x1000W metal halide lamps as well as TL-90’s with LED lamps and day/night sensors. For the full specifications, please see below;

Tower Lights Specifications*:

  • 9 metre Vertical hydraulic mast height
  • 360 degree mast rotation
  • Fully automated mast erection – in only 12 seconds
  • 4 x 1000W Metal Halide Lamps
  • Noise Level 60dBA approx @ 7 metres, 85 LwA
  • 130 litre tank, 85 hour-run
  • Bio-degradable oil in hydraulic system
  • Engine fluids are bounded 120%
  • Mast deployment alarm and safety system
  • release park brake and mast descends automatically
  • Road lights and reflectors fitted as standard
  • Fork pickets & single eye lift
  • Easy access fuel fill & sight gauge facility
  • Emergency stop

*LED tower lights have day/night sensor ability, auto start an AMOSS safety system.

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